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The Value of 360 Degree Product Photography in eCommerce

A long-time ecommerce conversion tactic — 360-degree product photography — is making an appearance on major retail marketplaces, large B2B sites, online furniture stores, and automobile marketplaces, indicating that it still represents an opportunity to increase sales.

If Google Trends is any indication, interest in 360-product photography peaked more than 15 years ago. The idea then (and now) is to replicate the brick-and-mortar environment where customers can see and handle a given item.

A 360-degree product image that a shopper can drag left, right, up, and down with either a mouse pointer or a fingertip (on a mobile device) provides a somewhat better view. What’s more, at least some ecommerce businesses claim that 360-degree product photography boosts conversions.

Increased Customer Conversion Rates:
Estimated Increase in Conversion Rate by 2.5%

Lower Product Returns:
Estimated Decrease in Product Returns by 4.7%

Increased Page View Time:
Estimated Increase in Page View Duration by 17%

Decreased Bounce Rate:
Estimated Decrease in Bounce Rate by 8.3%

Provide a Better Online Shopping Experience:

Gain a Competitive Advantage

360 Product Photography is an Investment, Not an Expense


As we have highlighted above, the value of 360 degree product photography is immense. We understand it can be a larger upfront cost but consider this as an investment in your Brand and your Customers, rather than an expense. The value 360 product photography will provide, in terms of increase to your bottom line, is one we guarantee will outweigh the upfront expense in a 360 Product Photography. The time is now to make an investment in 360 degree product photography.

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