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Amazon Product Photography

For Amazon sellers, Product Photography is an important consideration.

Amazon product image guidelines require uses submit high quality, high resolution (1000+ px) images with pure white backgrounds. Shooting Amazon product photography in house is often time consuming and requires skilled users to create images that meet the Amazon image requirements. Outsourcing to a professional product photographer is a great option especially if you have a large number of products that need to be photographed.

ProVision Photography a leading provider of developed photography ranges that are designed for customers with any needs to create high-quality still and 360 product photography for Amazon.



Our Still Product Photography Lightings are perfect for your Amazon product photography requirements. We have taken the guesswork out of high quality imaging by eliminates lighting variables. All ProVision lighting sets include high CRI LED bulbs that will ensure color accurate results.

  • 360 Image Set: This is the individual frames from the 360 product image capture (in JPG, PNG, TIFF or RAW format). Typically Amazon requires the 360 product image set and will create the 360 view in the listing for the seller. and/or

  • 360 Product View: By composing the 360 product image set into a spinning view. 360 Product Views are available in multiple different formats including:

  • Interactive HTML5

  • Interactive MP4

  • *Animated GIF

  • *Standard MP4 Video

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